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Laurie Y. Blackman, PhD, MSW, LMSW, ASW-G is the founder and director of LYB Solutions. Laurie is a gerontologist with a strong commitment to promoting programs and services that are innovative and stimulating for older adults. Her primary focus is to help to enhance the quality of life for persons as they age irregardless of physical or mental limitations.


Laurie has over 20 years of experience in the Human Services profession with the last 17 years specifically in the field of Gerontology. As a former Gerontology Center administrator, Laurie has taught Aging seminars, directed wellness programs for seniors, facilitated support groups for older persons, and coordinated professional development trainings in Aging for social workers. She completed her doctorate from the College of Social Work at the University of Utah and her Masters of Social Work from Howard University.





2023 - 2023

University of Providence

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