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"I'm still sad... Why isn't that ok!?"

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Challenging the myths around the stages of grief and loss.

Just when you think that your loved-one has been able to fight off another set back, unexpectedly (sort of) death comes knocking at the door. When we lose a loved-one that is advanced in age, society wants us to be grateful for the long life that he or she has lived, the time we had with them, etc. However, we can be grateful for all these things and still feel extremely sad, upset, scared, depressed... Employers usually give us 3 days to grieve and 'get over' our loss (also known as bereavement leave). Why only 3 days?! Why does society permit us to take weeks off to celebrate new life, yet only days to come to terms with the void that is left with the departure of a loved-one. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad for days, weeks, or months when you lose someone you love. Learning to function in this new empty space takes time and will come with a lot of varied emotions.

Be true to your feelings and seek help if/when needed, but don't be afraid to express how you feel; this will be a positive step in the healing process.

Remember, there are no right or wrong feelings!

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